Tsjuder Recording New Album

04.02.2015 16:10

Cult Norwegian trio TSJUDER (Nag – Vocals, Bass; Draugluin – Guitars; AntiChristian – Drums) have announced the recording of a new album. A follow up to the well-received latest full-length, ‘Legion Helvete‘, the as-yet titled album will be released by Season of Mist later this year.

Regarding the new album, the band comments:

“We are currently in the studio recording our new album, and we’re about half done. We have spent some 3-4 years creating the album, and as always we haven’t been rushing it. The music is in the same vein as always; raw and brutal Black Metal without any compromises. The album will be all done in March, but released in the fall, so on our upcoming concerts we’ll probably play a few of the new songs. We’ll make it worth the wait!”

Currently, the band is scheduled to make a rare North American appearance at this year’s Maryland Deathfest alongside international metal stalwarts SODOM, SUFFOCATION, ARCTURUS, AURA NOIR, and more.TSJUDER previously released pro-shot, live footage of their entire set at Hellfest. The performance is currently streaming here, and includes a new track from the band, titled "Demonic Supremacy:youtu.be/xbURoqK0yuQ"
Founded in 1993, Norway’s TSJUDER is best for their relentless, uncompromising approach to black metal. With every release, TSJUDER’s unrelenting dedication to the roots of black metal has been celebrated by fans and critics alike.